I have this thing of trying out new things and quite frankly it doesn’t always work out in my favor. Excluding this time because I thought ii look on fire. Anyway so the day went like this: it was about 4 pm on a Thursday Afternoon and I had just gotten back from school. The first thing I usually do when I get home is eat but today was different. I had a septum ring and I was determined to try it on for the first time and take some kick ass pictures. So in my school uniform I grabbed my make-up bag, went to the nearest mirror and started Picasso-ing my face (I attempted a cat eye but shuu I failed dismally so I stuck with the norm). Once I finished I stuck the little sucker in my nose and laughed abit. Firstly that shit is uncomfortable AF and it looked like I had stuck a hoop earring in my nose 😂 that’s how big it was. Okay so then I changed into a decent looking top, grabbed my iPad and headed out for a mini photo shoot 🙈. The amount of pictures I took came up to like 700 yet I only stuck with like 7… Goes to show how much work goes into looking gooooood. Long story short, I tried something new, and although I did not feel the most comfortable, I think I kicked ass😻 what do you think?


 Tried out this new restaurant near my place and I must say, Hmm not bad at all. The restaurant is called Dopio Zero and it is located in Blue Hills, opposite Savannah Esatate. My mom and ii decided to go out for lunch and I thought “why not?!?”. Upon arriving i instantly loved it because the decor makes you feel like you floated to like Braamfontein and America at the same time. It’s so vintage yet modern it’s fucking perfect. The service is mediocre though 😔 waiters are impatient and take their goddam walk to freedom time to get to your table. OKAY-> food!!! I ordered a starter of Peri Peri chicken livers with some baked bread and had a main of some Smoked Salmon Salad with Rocket and Balsamic Vinergar. Drink: Kept it simple with a glass of water and lemon. Didn’t feel the Livers that much, they had no zing to them and the bread was as hard as a brick. The main wasn’t too bad, I’m not a fan of rocket in any case so I had a bit of trouble swallowing it. A for effort though, overall the experience as different and who doesn’t appreciate a new, fun and different experience. Day well spent I would say.

I’m loving September…

School holidays have not as yet arrived and I’m living life like I’ve been on holiday for months. 

I have not spent a weekend home in such a long time. By that I am not implying that I do the typical get drunk, party teenage shenags but I actually take the time to see the place which I call home. I’ve traveled to art shows and markets and even decided to spend a few hours at an orphanage with little kids.

There is definatley more to life than getting wasted and having to do the walk of shame the next morning. Sure it’s fun (not the walk of shame though) but one has to realize that there are other ways of having fun. I’ve Learned it! And I’m having a fucking blast. 

Anywho. Started September on a good sober note…. Can’t guarantee that it will end that way haha!



 I remember the days when I wanted to become a photographer and start my own business. I took it so seriously and quite frankly I’m glad I did because I ended up producing photos like this one. And although I am no longer interested in pursuing photography as a career, I am certainly sure that I will keep it as a hobby.

This photo was originally in colour but I felt as though changing the filter to black and white created more of a striking impact when first looked upon and the rose becoming the focal point. This in my opinion is such a beautifully blended photo. Then again, it could be because it is my own work haha.



So it’s finally September and I am more than ready to get my life on track.

The weather is good and my “summer bod” is underway, holidays are approaching…. I can already taste the lazy mornings and wild parties, pool parties and gallery visits (omnomnon ).

I am almost ready for the blog to be released. I was actually unaware of how much work went into producing a blog, let alone a good one. Oh my word, I sit and stress myself to the nines because one has to impress and live up to a certain image .

Weirdly so, I. Trying to create a YouTube channel. Not the best idea but hey, Yolo right?!? Where is the harm in trying to have a little bit of fun, and it if turns out to be a success, gaining a little bit of extra cash! Woop

Okay lastly, I’m like seventeen and I want a job. If I want to be able to support myself when I am out of the house or even be able to buy a pie at school, I want to be able to have some extra hard earned cash in addition to allowance. There’s nothing a teenager loves more than cash. Wakaberry Application sent. *check*

I have got such high hopes for this beautiful month it better not disappoint.  *singing*